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This wiki was created by the user Rabbidrabbit in February 2010, for their own personal use. They abandoned this wiki on November 2010.

This wiki was then picked up and reformatted by Reddit user Teravider in May 2017, to attempt to centralize or de-convolute occult knowledge.

Credits Edit


/r/occult wiki:

/u/ave_satana the idea of /r/occult university
/u/promeny adding theosophy
/u/KingArthurII Jewish Mysticism classified as Western Tradition
/u/medsenfey Better definition of Hoodoo's roots
/u/clow_reed Adding multiple things to eastern concentration, Santeria to African/S. American
/u/Nefandi Kashmir Shaivism, Vedanta, Nath, Aghora in Eastern
/u/Realwizard Post-modern magick, NLP, cyber-magick, I Ching, Runes, organizational points discussed
/u/Eauylon Satanism added
/u/dirk_bruere simulation theory
/u/boxingnun yoga as martial arts/martial arts as spiritual work
/u/Taurusan many more brazilian and south american shamanistic practices
/u/evilandrzej shinto, reconstructed religions
/u/0poor_idiot0 entheogens/substances/psychedelics
/u/trevnd2010 elements, tulpamancy, *kinesis
/u/Oklahom0 Jungian occultism added to modern western tradition
/u/daxofdeath gurdjieff the fourth way
/u/notmymoney babylon
/u/OccultRationalist renaissance vs medieval grimoires
/u/ignignot675 OTO AA HoGD masonic influences
/u/mongreloctopus freemasonry detail with OTO
/u/mrsbunny1 general history of magick book suggestions
/u/eftresq quantum theories

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