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Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone is the mechanism that manifest and creates thought.

Our ability to give meaning to nothing.

Your thoughts becomes reality.

What you know, is all that was.

All that was, is what that is.

All that is, is what I Am.

If we wish to merely exists, we allow others think for us.

Its in this way, that the power within is lost.

For once we are no longer in control, we become spectators to the great game.

To play the game all one must do is act.

Create your own conclusion and determine it's meaning.

To know thy self is the greatest power.

For Wisdom is control over the moment.

Its within this moment that we always exists.

Thus what you do every moment of existence is what we become.

The Ego is a simple template of who you think you are.

If you wish to control the philosophers stone.

We must begin by erasing our current template.

Eliminate the sub conscious walls and preconceived notions of all that was.

Reflecting on all that is.

From here we find solutions, a way forward to evolve beyond our current state.

Answering the questions that we spent the majority of our lives avoiding.

Its in this way we begin to know ourselves.

Once known, only then can we decide who we wish to become.

The ancient mystery schools taught a simple game of correspondence.

Attributes given to ancient Paragons.

For these beings represented humanities greatest potential.

In our modern day they're legendary athletes, beautiful women, charismatic celebrities, and the most recognized scientists.

The masses will begin to mirror them.

Thus we live in a world where people that obtain these attributes represents the most successful and prosperous among us.

However there is more to this game then fame, sex and money.

Wisdom, Love and Inner Peace have been lost from our collective purpose.

The Ancients created an entire pantheon to represent everything that humanity could become, the purpose of ancient religion's was to create a path for others to follow.

Throughout history great beings existed that defined an entire generation, there actions changed the course of mankind.

These are our true Paragons.

For we must learn from our history in order evolve as a collective.

Becoming beings, capable of the greatest good.

To master our reality, we must change the world from within.

By knowing ourselves, we can determine who we wish to become.

Thinking of the world that you wish to create.

Finding solutions and existing in a perpetual moment.

Thus create yourself a philosopher stones.

Search within and find your true potential.

For I Am Unknown, Wisdom, Justice and Inner Peace.

Once you know.

Only then shall you become.

For the moment is all there is.

A beings is what you are.

Giving meaning to nothing.

The Philosopher Stones takes formless thoughts and manifest reality.

This is the great secret.

The essences of all creation.



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