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Case # 66307 - Catalina Island USOEdit

Catalina is a 175 square-mile island, 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles. 

At 9:45 AM on April 15th, 1966, an unknown object with no tail or means or known propulsion is filmed by Leeland Hanson, a profesional navy photographer. The object was traveling 130-170 MPH and appeared silver in color, was shaped like a disc and made no sound as it moved.

On January 23rd, 1968, Avolon's deputy sherif Richard Callen reported seeing a mysterious Unidentified Floating Object with lights in its portholes sailing in channel waters north by north west of Catalina. He then saw a bright light which illuminated the object, and minutes later a series of flares were shot into the air from the object, which then exploded,burned and disappeared into the fog.

On December 29th, 1968, a string of lights were reported by residents to be moving in formation, and stopped just above the surface of the water and tilted to the 45 degrees counter-clockwise. Authorities claim it was just a weather balloon. Between 3:45 and and 4:00 AM on March 23rd, 1977, Sheriff Sgt. Vincent Rupp received calls of UFO sightings from Sacramento, Salinas, Los Angeles, Orange County and March Air Force Base including 7 March Air Force Base personnel, 5 Los Angeles County sheriff deputies and 2 California highway patrol officers.

One witness named Mark Hogan who was a cargo handler at Los Angeles International Airport at the time claimed they appeared to be "tear drop or tin can shaped" and swept through the air at high speeds from the direction of Catalina Island at about 3:30 A.M, then flew in formation over the airport runway. The unobstructed sighting lasted 10-15 seconds and the two lights remained at a fixed interval from each other suggesting a controlled vehicle.

March Airforce Base spokesman confirmed there had been no rocket or missile testing that could have accounted for the lights, and the objects did not appear on radar. Around 11:30-11:35 PM on August 4th, 2006, a retired attourney named David Russo reportedly saw bright lights off the channel of Catilina. The object was seen moving towards the water at a very steep angle very quickly, then suddenly stopped 10 feet above the water. It was triangular shaped, the shorter side had 3 blue lights the two longer sides had 6 blue lights. It then began to rotate for 30-45 seconds, and the blue lights went off as the object took off towards Catalina Island at high speed and disapeared in less than a second.

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