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Demons are evil supernatural beings that originate in a spirit plane.

In Abrahamic ReligionsEdit


In christian demonology, demons are considered "fallen angels"- angels that joined Satan in rebelling against the christian god, and were punished by being cast out of heaven and into hell. Generally they are the counterpart of angels.


Demons (shayatin in arabic), are not directly mentioned in Islam. In Islam, the muslim god created the angels, humans (along with all other living things), and jinn. Jinn are the most similar thing to demons, but jinn can be either good or evil (just like humans). Also, jinn are made of smokeless fire, and are purely elemental.


In Judaism, demons are believed to be under the dominion of a chief. Not much is discussed about demons in Judaism. Since they were never questioned and all believed in their existence.


There is no proven appearance of demons. There is however a widely accepted depiction of demons. They would have either red or black skin, wings, sometimes a tail, goat-like horns or normal horns, and sometimes red eyes.


In theory, demons can enter this plane by being conjured by humans.
Some demonologists and occultists have claimed to be able to conjure demons via various types of rituals, but all of such claims are thus far unproven.

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