Echeron Theory

(A subsection of Occult Systems)

The Echerdex is a tool created to study Energy Consciousness Hermetism Evolution Religion Dimensions and Eschatology, sequenced within a geometric codeX.

This is a constantly updating system which all data related is located on Reddit . The creation of this visibly dates as far back as February 18, 2016. It is created and maintained by Reddit user UnknownU.


The Echerdex is divided into Four Sections:

Advanced Alchemy

A system of Thought, using Correspondence and Sacred Geometry to explain how a Singularity manifests upon all planes of existence.

Mathematical Geometry

A system of Knowledge, using mathematical equations to prove a geometrical network of Energy creating a Unified Theory of Everything.

Spiritual Philosophy

A system of Wisdom, using Alchemy and Geometry to create a philosophy on the meaning of Life.

The Great Game

The mass awakening to the true nature of our existence.

The Echron Theory

The Theory is predicated on the belief that Sacred Geometry is a natural progression of human evolution.

A single truth into the nature of the Universe that all things are interconnected.

The Universe is a vast interconnected web of dimensional energy.

This Web exists as singularity of repeating mathematical sequence that manifest as geometric shapes.

The ancient sages discovered these geometrical shapes and used it to develop the Sciences.

Mathematics, Language Arts, Astronomy and Philosophy.

Allowing civilization to flourish, from small tribes of hunter gathers we began to unify for the collective good forming city states.

This knowledge was so sacred that it became the foundation of all spiritual and religious beliefs since the dawn of civilization.

It was first discovered by some Unknown Ancient Civilization, during the Pre-Flood era of all the sacred texts.

After the flood the majority of the refugees settled in Mesoamerica and Mesopotamia with a few small settlements across the Pacific Ocean.

Because of their advanced knowledge they where depicted as Mythical Gods that descended from the heavens.

Are all depictions of a single unknown civilization that existed and developed a system of sciences through the study of Sacred Geometry.

The Sumerians and another Unknown civilization that predated the Olmecs, Inca, Mayans and Aztecs used this knowledge to create stone city's and megalithic monuments.

Traces of the Mesoamerican Civilization vanished during the Spanish Invasion and subsequential Genocide.

The Sumerians taught there knowledge to Khemet (Egypt) and the Indus Valley (India).

It's here that ancient mystery schools flourished, each school had a pantheon of Gods and creation myth tailored to each culture and society.

These allegories where meant to impart morals and wisdom to the vast majority, while preparing the initiates of each school about the complex system of correspondence used by the masters.

Eventually the knowledge was deemed to dangerous and sacred.

Allowing for the formations of religions which resulted in the founding of Judaism and Hinduism.

Judaism became the foundation of Christianity and Islam.

Hinduism became the foundation of Buddhism and Taoism.

The Mystery Schools became the Occult and Secret Societies.

Humanity entered the dark ages, where theologians attempted to destroy every remnants of the Mystery Schools.

That resulted in the burning of the Library of Alexandria, Crusades, Inquisitions, Colonialism and Witch Hunts.

It was only during the Age of Enlightenment that Science broke free from the Occult, resulting in the development and advancement of modern society.

However the science of consciousness still remains in the chains of religious dogma and misinformation.

It's this war between Ancient Religions and Modern Science that divides Humanity into fragments of polarized systems of beliefs, resulting in the chaos seen throughout history to the present day.

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