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Sapientissimus Edit

Sapientissimus is a magical occult religion.
The word 'sapientissimus' is a latin word that means 'greatest wisdom', and it is apt.
An adherent of Sapientissimus may be called a 'sapientissimist'.

The copious occult knowledge that comprises Sapientissimus was gradually revealed to a human medium,
by a deity that is called the cosmic spirit of virtue or similar names, beginning in early 2012.

The magic in Sapientissimus is obtained by drawing increasingly large amounts of spirit power from the cosmic spirit of virtue,
until there is enough spirit power to effect matter directly.
That is much more easily said than done, but the long path to getting there has been revealed.
Of fundamental importance to obtaining that magic is soul polarization.
Soul polarization is the application of various techniques which, when combined, purify the composition of one's soul,
and thereby allow one's soul to draw in spirit power from the cosmic spirit deity.

For more information, see the webpage: [REDACTED]

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