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A succubus (plural succubi) is an alleged type of female demon that enters a male's dream, and has sexual intercourse with him. The male counterpart of a succubus is an incubus.


Succubi take the form of a human female, but still have some stereotypically demonic attributes, such as wings, horns, etcetera. The appearance of the succubus is that which is most attractive in the male's taste.


The german arch-psychopath Heinrich Kramer, in his 1487 book Malleus Maleficarum, invented the doctrine that succubi take semen from the men that they have sex with, then give the semen to an incubus, which then uses that semen to impregnate the women that it has sex with. The french occultist Jacques Collin, in his 1818 book Dictionnaire Infernal, invented the doctrine that incubi and succubi can mate with humans, and in so doing produce a half-demon half-human offspring called a 'cambion'.


Some people have claimed to have conjured succubi for pleasure.

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